Sisters Information Library


The Sisters of the Valley record videos and take pictures to show the public how our products are made. We also make it easy to follow what we are doing for community awareness. 


Our media link contains all articles and media videos done on the Sisters of the Valley. They are organized by date. Some are text articles, some are videos, some are a compilation. This is all public information that we have organized into our library for simplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a list of frequently asked questions. From “Are you real nuns?’ to “Do you have anything for Fibromayalgia?”, the questions with answers are listed. Control F will allow you to enter a particular word (like arthritis) and the FAQ bank will pop up any reviews that have that key-word in them.




Every quarter we will be updating our testimonial database. These are testimonials that we have gathered from various methods such as Facebook, Instagram, our Etsy store (coming soon), through the mail, from our shop. This is sensitive and private information — not to be shared with the public.


Every month or as the urge strikes, the Sisters of Gaia's HOPE blog on happenings in the Abbey and on the farm. This is a link to our blog where you can choose your category and read what the Sisters have to share.


This is a repository for all legal documents that pertain to the operations of Sisters of the Valley business. We have been investigated by Colorado and California, those findings are included (spoiler alert: they concluded we are not narcotics traffickers but rather, hemp-oil product-makers).