Breath work Sessions
What is breath work? Through patterned breathing, we give the “thinking brain” something to do. This allows for a deeper meditative state and the release of old, stagnant energy from the body. Once space has been created in the body, there is more room to bring in self-love and healing.
Benefits of Breath work:
*Reduce stress
*Lower blood pressure
*Strengthened lung function
*Process emotions, heal emotional pain and trauma
*Boost immunity
*Spark creativity
*Improve personal and professional relationships
*Helps with depression, insomnia, anxiety, and burnout
What to expect for an online breathwork session: Set yourself up in a comfortable space, lying flat where you will not be disturbed. Have a blanket and pillow available. Other things you may want to include are an eye pillow, essential oils, favorite fragrances (sage, palo santo, etc.) or stones/crystals to hold.
You will be guided through 20-25 minutes of active breathing followed by 10 minutes of deep meditation.
Time is given before and after for discussion.
The entire session lasts about an hour.
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