We are
Sisters of the Valley
Activist Sisters on a mission to heal the world.
Our Values
Spiritualism: Respect Mother Earth and her gifts. As you love and care for her, so will she give back.
Servitude: Share the Earth’s gifts with her people. Heal your body the safe way, the way nature intended.
Activism: Be free to live the life you choose to live. Be free to choose nature’s medicine to heal your body.
We are the activist Sisters of The Valley, and we are on a mission to heal the world through plant-based medicine.

Like our Beguine ancestors, we are scholars who work together, pray together, and are dressed to identify our enclave.

Nestled in the impoverished but agriculturally rich Central Valley, our order makes honorable jobs to support our community through organic health products.

All products are hand-made by women; saged to the moon cycles, set on the new moon, and bottled under the full moon.

Our medicine-making is guided by ancient tradition, with care and respect for the Earth’s plants.
MEET THE SISTERS of Gaia's HOPE Beguinage
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Sister Sophia grew up in a small village nestled on the west coast of South Africa bordering Namibia. At the age of 12 she legally immigrated to the United States and settled with her parents in Michigan. Life in America was difficult and the culture of manicured women and men was not what she was used to. A simple lifestyle on a farm with little belongings was what she preferred. She anchored in with the American culture and eventually through some inner focus and lots of work she adopted the culture as her own always holding on to the dream that she would one day be back in a small village and living a simple life. Sister Sophia has her MBA from the University of Michigan and has extensive business experience. In January of 2017 she began to hear her calling and in May of 2018 took her vows at the Merced farm.

In February of the next year, she obtained what the mother-farm had failed to get, a valid license for business from the town she settled in, in north central California. The location settled by Sister Sophia and her enclave is just 3 hours north of the Mother Farm. After some hard work and many bumps along the way, Sophia’s enclave took over the wholesale section of the business.

Today, Sister Sophia works side-by-side with her people to tend to the growing number of boutique stores around the world showcasing the Sisters’ CBD products. Sister Sophia and her team are focused on getting the most amount of medicine to the most amount of people, while creating a blueprint and process to onboard other enclaves interested in following the tenets and customs of the Sisterhood. The Gaia’s Hope enclave works closely with Sister Kate and her enclave in the central valley and are committed partners in service, activism and spirituality, the divine trinity that guides the enclave life.


Sister Hazel is the newest addition to the Northern California enclave. Born and raised in Portland, Oregon; bike riding, connection to nature, love of good food, and an appreciation for the obscure all come naturally to her.

With an extensive background in cooking and baking, Sister Hazel transitioned into the fitness and wellness industry in 2012. From specialized exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s, to Zumba, personal training and indoor cycling; bringing people together with the intent of feeling and being well brings her joy. As a natural progression, she decided to learn how to teach yoga in 2017. The half year process of becoming a certified yoga teacher was one that changed her life completely. The yogic path opened a whole new world of spiritual, mental, and physical well being for her and led her to the world of healing arts.

Through yoga, meditation, breath work, and plant medicine, Sister Hazel found her own path to healing and is now sharing those gifts with the world. In June of 2020 she completed Level 4 of David Elliott’s Healer Training and began leading breath work sessions for individuals and groups as a certified facilitator. To learn more about her Breath Work offerings

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Sister Hazel also offers special readings done with flower essence oracle cards (think Tarot, but different), to create customized flower essence blends that give emotional and physical support for her clients. To learn more about her Flower Essence Elixir Readings

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In addition to making and packaging Sisters of the Valley CBD medicine, Sister Hazel is currently keeping the Northern California enclave well fed with plant-based meals and feeling good with plenty of exercise. Her aim in life is best expressed by this quote.

 “It is my mission to heal myself and help heal others.”- Sister Hazel