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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who are the Sisters of the Valley?

A: The Sisters of the Valley, aka “The Weed Nuns”, are a non-denominational, non-religious order of strong women, led by their founder Sister Kate, who are on a lifelong journey of healing and to follow a mission of bringing the healing properties of cannabis to the world, while empowering women (and men) to effect real change in this world through ongoing activism efforts.


Q: What strains do you use?

A: We use the bio mass plant material from a variety of plants that are specific to yielding high CBD and very low THC material. Typical strains to be used are Harley Tsu, AC DC, Ringo’s Gift to name a few.


Q: What is the wholesale discount?

A: All resellers of the Sister of the Valley brand of products gets an automatic 35% discount off of what we retail the products for.

A: From time to time the Sisters of the Valley Gaia’s HOPE will run promotions to extend additional savings to our wholesale clients on certain products.


Q: What is the shelf life for the oil/tincture/salve

A: The typical shelf life for the oil and tincture can be anywhere from to 1 or 2 years depending on how you care for it. Keep it in a dark, cool place to last longer

A: Salve -


Q: What is the difference between the CBD-infused oil (drops) and the CBD tincture?

A: Both products are infused with CBD, the tincture is an alcohol base and the oil is a liquid coconut oil base. The taste of the tincture is kind of harsh, since it is made with 150 proof grain alcohol, while the taste of the liquid coconut oil is very mild. The alcohol tincture is reported to be faster acting than the oil. Both product work to carry CBD into the system, orally.


Q: What conditions do these products treat?

A: Whereas the Sisters of the Valley are not medical professionals and cannot make any medical claims the products treat certain ailments, we do have many testimonials from customers in all walks of life who state they are healing or getting relief from many ailments, such as the ones listed on our brochure, because of our products.

A: We list many resources on our website and brochure showing where to go to find further research.


Q: When does a person use a topical vs an oil or tincture

A: Topicals are typically used for any ailment that has to do with body pain. You would apply a topical directly on the affected area. Be sure not to get the topical in contact with your eyes. Symptoms to use topicals with could include but aren’t limited to; migraines (apply to temples and base of neck), arthritis, body pain


Q: Do you have a COA?

A: Yes – www.SistersofGaia.com/3rd-party-test-results

A COA is a Certificate of Analysis that we have done by an unbiased third party testing facility called SC Labs.

This shows the potency of the THC in the CBD products among other items tested for such as mold, pesticides, fungus, etc.

As a manufacturer and distributor of full spectrum CBD products, we are not required to have this testing done as there is no law in place for it.

However, due to us being a legitimate business that believes in full transparency, we show the potency of our THC to protect ourselves and our wholesale customers and the CBD so our clients know the power .

The company we currently use for our COAs is: SC Labs

This is a link


Q: Is it Cannabis or Hemp?

A: Full Spectrum Hemp – under the legal definition. The legal limit of THC in CBD products to be considered Hemp under the Hemp Farming Act is 0.3% or below in percentage content. All of our product after completion, tests out at <0.3% THC content.


Q: Is it organic?

A: Yes - All of the ingredients that we use in our product, such as beeswax and vitamin E to name a couple, come from organically sourced companies.